mixing & mastering

We’ll optimize your songs till perfection!

The first step will be the right mix. The loudness of the tracks will be adjusted, the stereo field optimized and groups or single tracks will be compressed. We also take care of the assertiveness of the vocals. We only need your track stems or single tracks – as you want.

Afterwards, your track has to be mastered. To receive the best results, we will chose the right loudness in accordance with a balanced frequency response. Compressors and EQs, but also limiters and various analysis tools help us to maintain the momentum and to avoid tugging in order to make the master sound perfect. A mastering can be applied to an already mixed stereo file.

Audio Check-Up: Our special service for you: Before we master your song, we will listen to your mix carefully. If we have any suggestions for improvements or find export-related errors in your production, you can correct them before the final processing.