We are a team of eight experienced music producers and audio engineers who made music and studio work their passion. In order to deliver the best audio experience for you ever we are working together themed "many ears hear better than two". Please contact us directly!


Florian Sueselbeck

location: Ruhr district (OB/BOT)

Florian is our specialist when it comes to mixing and mastering as well as DJing. With an Audio Engineer degree and over 10 years of experience in music production and label work he can show many references.


Michael Steffen

location: Trier-Saarburg (TR)

Michael produces and composes music in different genres for many years. His creative mind makes for refreshing ideas that give our productions individuality.


Robin Alef

location: Ruhr district (BO)

Robin has come to studio work through years of activities as a DJ and keyboardist/pianist in various bands. He has a lot of experience in live sound as well as songwriting and composition.


Patrick Mueller

location: Ruhr district (OB)

Patrick produces euro-dance music for a long time and stands out due to a keen sense of hot sounds. Fancy arrangements are his specialty.


Daniel Winter

location: Rheda-Wiedenbrueck (GT)

Daniel has been internationally successful as a DJ and producer for more than two decades. He decisively influenced the dance music scene and has a knack for proper sounds and catchy hook melodies.


Steffen Laschet

location: Cologne (K)

Steffen has been working self-employed in the media sector for many years. With music production and its performance, as well as post and production for the medium of film and television, he covers a wide range that renowned customers such as "RTL Mediengruppe" always fall back on.


Dennis Ulrich

location: Cologne (K)

Dennis is our address when it comes to sound design. His analytical skills ensure that the sound of our audio productions is always up to date.


Norman Williams

location: Ruhr district (DIN)

Norman Norman has been very successful as a DJ and producer for more than a decade. He has been shaping the German hardstyle & hard dance scene with his sound for several years. Norman is the right address for hard kicks and hook melodies.